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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yesshterrday's Scribe!

Hey guys. So I was the scribe yesterday but I just had the chance to do it today because of some internet problem I had on my computer yesterday. But anyway, here's my post..

Systems of Non-Linear Equations

[+] CONIC is a word that describes a graph that has a 2nd-degree equation.
-> These are some examples of Conics:

[+] A QUADRATIC-LINEAR system refers to the equation of one conic & a line.
-> A Quadratic-linear system can have:

-> Consider:

Ex): Solve:

-> A Quadratic-quadratic system can have:

Ex): Solve:

And that's all guys! I hope that my post had refreshed your memory about what we had learn yesterday, and again sorry for the late post.
OH yeah before I forget! Don't forget to do our Analytic Geometry Pre-test oryt guys (:


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This is a fantastic post Jamilyn. Great job and keep up the good work.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good job Jamilyn

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