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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Scribe =\

Well it seems I'm the scribe =\, I thought I already went this cycle.. oh well.

Today, we did some learning ..

Simple Interest Formula:
i = prt , where..

i is interest
p is principal (starting amount?)
r is rate
t is time

Another formula to remember is..
Amount = principal + interest

Compound Interest formula:
A (amount) = P(1 + r)n

Revised formula:
A = P(1 + r/s )ns

Well, sorry that this scribe post is soo short and relatively late. I totally forgot that I was scribe today.. grr John. lol. Well I have no clue who to pick for tomorrow's scribe.. I guess I'll pick..Vince. :\ sorry

Tonight's homework is Exercise.. ermm I'm just guessing but probably Ex. #44. Also, there is a test on friday.. and mm remember to do your consumer math booklet. T.T gtg do mass ELA homework now..


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