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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Test Outline

Hey folks, here is a brief and repeated outline for tomorrow's test:

  • Know how the sine and cosine graphs look like and all their key points.
  • Know how to find roots / zeros of sine and cosine graphs on your calculator.
  • Know your four quadrants and all the corresponding trig. ratios for each quadrant.
  • Know how to solve standard trig equations along with related angles.
  • Know how to solve quadratic trig. equations along withn related angles.
  • Know when the ambiguous case occurs in triangles and how to find 2 possible values for a side or an angle for a triangle.
  • Know how to find the vertex and roots of a quadratic function algebraically.
  • Know how to solve max / min quadratic function problems.
  • Know how to manage your time :).

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!


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