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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

OMG I'm the scribe today

Wooow who picked me. Everyone knows I'm no good at scribe posts. Oh well.

We started a new lesson today about the distance between points and lines. It's easy to find distances vertically and horizontally. I'd make a diagram but I'm too poor to afford a good photoshop application :) Anyways now another way is to find the perpendicular distance which will always be smaller than the shortest distance of what you're given. The formula is..

The X and Y in this formula represents a point on a line.

[ Example ]

Given the equation 2x-2y+6=0 and a point at (4,0) find the shortest distance from the point to the equation.

After substituting you're formula will look like this..

After doing the math you will be left with..

You could simply root 8 but it's all the same. Since you cannot have a root in the denominator you multiply top and bottom by root 8 or 2 root 2 whichever you prefer and you'll be left with 14 root 8 over 8 which is you're answer.

I hope this helps you guys so don't worry if this is not as good as everyone elses :)
I don't know who hasn't been scribe yet so I choose you, Timmy!

- OMGitsCLouD


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Great job Jojo!! Really good post and keep up the good work!

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