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Monday, March 13, 2006

Fill-in Scribe please...

Hey folks,

Albert was the scribe on Thursday's class and he never picked a scribe for Friday's class and now he wasn't in class today. All in all this means that there is no "official" scribe for today's class. As you can see, one of our classmates needs help because he wasn't in class today. Can somebody please continue the great reputation of "fill-in" scribe and make a short summary of today's class? That would be greatly appreciated, not only by myself, but more by Kenny I'm sure. If the "fill-in" scribe could please assign tomorrow's scribe that would be greatly appreciated as well. If you would like to know who hasn't scribed yet the updated list is in the "Links" section on the blog.
Just so you guys know we also have a class member who will be sick for the entire week, she e-mailed me this morning. So she will be depending on the blog to be updated as to what's going on in class. Thank you very much.


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