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Friday, February 10, 2006

Some Blogger Help

Hello there!

Now, making a post with a lot of detail takes time, like the one I just did. Thankfully, I got some help from the post that I found in the last semester's Pre-Cal 30S class of Mr. K. It was created by Graeme and Richard and it sure was a lot of help. This post contains a lot of stuff you can do in Blogger e.g. creating tables, making a marquee, stuff like that. I hope this helps.

Have a good weekend!

Edit: Mr. Malandrakis, when can we have a chatbox? It'll be really helpful and marvelous to have one. It'll encourage student-to-teacher and student-to-student interaction a lot. And a tag can help us too. In case you don't know, when we are bored, we go to Google to find some sites that may be able to help us out in the course. Cheers!

Remember: You can find everything in the Internet. If you can't find it, you are not looking hard enough. ;)

And I found another post that is really important. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! We don't ever do this. Never. And I'm sure that some of us from Mr. K's class can remember this. =D happy times


Blogger Richy said...

Trust me. There is alot of stuff on that blog you can use. Even most of the course ;)

10:25 PM

Blogger Mr. Malandrakis said...

Great post John. Thank you for the tips as Mr.K has also been constantly been giving me tips as well. The chat box will come but not for a little while because there are A LOT of new bloggers in our class and I want them to get used to making posts and comments first. Once EVERYONE has made at least one post then the chatbox will make its way onto the blog. Thanks John for bringing it to my attention, as I know that it's in high demand already. Have a great weekend and keep up the fabulous posting.

1:57 AM

Blogger Richy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. oh yeah I totally forgot about being del.ic.ious. Hahaha. I remeber that class. That was the most funniest class ever. Good memories... Hahaha. Great edit to your post John.

11:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:19 AM


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