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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

sine and cosine graphs...

This is something I got from my trigonometry class last year in the Philippines...

I hope this can help most of you guys in figuring out how the graphs work...

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sin graphs always start at zero (only if there is no vertical shift)

+ cos graphs start at the MAX point

-cos graphs start at the MIN point

These graphs have zero vertical shift and zero horizontal shift... so it's just the basic form of the graphs...


sin -360= 0
sin -270= 1
sin-180= 0
sin -90= -1
sin 0= 0
sin 90= 1
sin 180= 0
sin 270= -1
sin 360= 0

cos -360= 1
cos -270= 0
cos -180 = -1
cos -90= 0
cos 0= 1
cos 90= 0
cos 180= -1
cos 270= 0
cos 360= 1

I know this isn't that much of a help since these are obvious data in periodic graphs...

y= asinx + k y= acosx + k

k= vertical shift
a= amptitude... (did i spell it right?) or also known as the stretch factor of a periodic graph

Well... that's how i understood the stuff...

Hope this can actually help...

Sorry if the post was made this late coz i was finishing some other stuff...


Blogger John D. - #12 said...

Thanks man! This helps a lot.

1:16 AM

Blogger Mr. Malandrakis said...

Thanks Miles,

I, along with most of your classmates, appreciate you taking the time and initiative and doing this when you didn't have to. Bravo!


7:26 AM

Blogger tim-Math-y said...


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