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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Scribe responsibilities

This is a quick comment based on what I've seen the last couple of days. Yesterday Jojo, who was the assigned scribe, didn't get a chance to make a post because his internet wasn't working. That's no problem but he assigned Andrew to be today's scribe and it appears that he perhaps forgot to make a post and Candace made an open post as you can see wondering what hapenned in class today.

Keep in mind folks, the main reason this blog exists is FOR REASONS LIKE THIS, when people miss class or are not understanding what went on in class. I have a challenge for, from what I can tell so far to be a very mature, intelligent, and motivated class (that's you guys!). If one of you dosen't see a fresh post by let's say around 8:30 or so at the latest, please take the mature and responsible initiative, for your fellow class members, and voluntarily be the "fill-in" scribe for the night. If it even makes a difference to one or two people, like Candace tonight, then it's all worth while.

Remember you're only "required" to post on class lessons once every 25 classes or so, that's once every month and a half or so. So please adhere to this very miniscule responsibility as some of your classmates truly depend on the scribe to do their job as it just might make the difference for them.


Blogger vincent said...

oh ic.. so andrew is the scribe for today..

10:27 PM


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