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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Quiz correction

Hey there folks,

A minor correction from Friday's quiz, which we'll go over in class on Tuesday (Monday is the assembly) anyways but I'll give you a heads was the last question on the quiz where you were asked to write the equation of the graph of the parabola. You were asked to leave your answer in expanded fom, and the question was supposed to ask you to leave it in expanded form. If you left it in standard form you received full marks. Just a little "FYI" for everyone who checks out the blog on the weekend. Also another "FYI" the marks (overall) on the quiz were great. A 72% class average, which is rare and outstanding. Great job overall and keep up the fabulous posting. case you guys haven't realized, if you look in the links section on the side, you'll find some great sites that really explain quadratic functions in full colour and worked out examples. You should check them out if you're still having trouble.


Blogger John D. - #12 said...

Yay! 72%! Not bad for starters. Although Mr. M, I'm wondering why do you say that a 72% class average for a quiz is rare..(lol) sure it's outstanding. =) I think I just got more motivated just because of it. I want a 70% and above class average to become not so rare. ;)

1:18 AM

Blogger Richy said...

Wow. That's cool. Hahaha. 72% is a great class average. Espically for PreCal30. Hey those links from Mr. Malandrakis are actually really helpful. Espically the one's on quadratic functions. So check them out. (I should of used them last sem) Hahaha

2:03 AM


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