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Friday, February 24, 2006

Question... again....

Mr. M... is there any way to solve for sine, cosine or tangent manually?...

Also, i wanted to ask if:

tan=cos/sin or tan= sin/cos

Which one is right??

I think this actually has something to do wwith the assignment... since if tan= cos/sin... i could cancel the sin and simplify the problem...

this post was made late coz i went to work...


Blogger Mr. Malandrakis said...

Hi Miles,

tan = sin/cos. Secondly There is a way to solve trig equations manually but you would have to turn the decimal into a fraction, which could be tough sometimes.

For example:
sinx = 0.25 you could change to
sinx = 1/4

...but cosx = 0.453 you could technically change to 453/1000 but it might not end up being exact because you're not sure if it's rounded off or not. If you can make the ratio a fraction like 1/4 then draw the triangle with an angle, x, and the opposite side being 1 and the hypoteneuse being 4, then depending whether it's >0 or <0, it could be in any of the 4 quadrants. If you come early on Monday morning I can help you with this also. Hope this helps a bit. Have a good weekend!

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