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Friday, February 17, 2006


Hey guys,

I just found some errors on the answer key on the Quadratic Functions review Mr. Malandrakis gave us. The answer for 1a is the answer for 1b, and the answer for 1b is the answer for 1a. I hope this reduces the confusion.

Have a jolly weekend!


Blogger Jason said...

Yeah I was confused about that too, until I finished question 1b) that's when I noticed that the two of them were mixed up!

9:35 PM

Blogger Kristin_R said... and john were working on pre cal in english (lol)..and we were getting frustrated with the first question, but then when we did 1 b, we realized the error...everything made sense! I love that feeling..!

10:52 PM

Blogger vincent said...

u guys started on that already?! oh well.. i ll do that tomorrw afternoon.

11:01 PM

Blogger Mr. Malandrakis said...

Thanks for the heads up John, I'll make sure to mention that on Tuesday after the test when we have some time during class. Great job with that, thank you.


11:18 PM


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