This is a blog for my second semester pre-calculus 30s students. Have a blast!

Friday, February 03, 2006


  • I realize that some of you are avid bloggers already but here are my basic rules for etiquette on the blog:

  • You are to treat this blog as if it were our classroom. You treat and address everyone with utmost respect.

  • There is to be abolutely no use of abusive, vulgar, or profane language of any kind for any reason what so ever. There will be severe consequences for anyone who abuses this rule or takes it for granted.

  • If you are posting in reference to someone else's post then you are commenting in a completely mature and proffessional manor.

  • Most importantly, this blog's main purpose is as a learning tool for all of you to work together to tackle some of the struggles you might encounter along the way. You know the quote "2 heads are better than 1," well imagine 20 or 30 heads!


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