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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I'm not sure how this blogger is going to work...
If we`re going to have a "scribe" everyday like what we used to do in Mr. K's class or what.
All I know is that blog thingies like this is, indeed, VERY helpful.
Last Semester, our blog was of BIG help to everyone. I'm sure this one will be too.

Anyways... For those who are having a hard time figuring out how to work this blog thing... You guys can go here:

This is a post made last semester by one of my classmates in Mr. Kuropatwa`s class.

What do I think so far?
Well, it's almost the same thing like last semester with Mr. K. I guess I just understand it a little better now.

What Mr. Malandrakis said about "not doing homework or putting enough effort" is so true. If you don't do homework/put enough effort you'll have a hard time passing this course. SOOO... ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK :)

Since some people still get a little confused about the parabolas, I hope this little summary will help you guys understand it a lil` better ;)


It is a function degree 2 a.k.a. parabola

DOMAIN: all possible inputs for a given function or relation
RANGE: all possible outputs for a given function or relation

Properties of a Parabola

Vertex: the maximum or minimum value for a parabola. Its coordinates are always written (h,k). The max or min value is always y=k

Roots aka zeroes/x-intercepts: the points where a parabola crosses the x-axis. a parabola can have 0 , 1 or 2 roots.

Axis of Symmetry: The line of reflection through with one half of the parabola is symmetrical to the other half. Its equation is always x=h

How to write an Interval Notation

1.) Write the smallest number in the required interval.
2.) Write a comma.
3.) Write the largest number in the required interval
4.) Use square brackets around the end points that are included in the interval.
5.) Use round brackets around the end points that are not included in the interval.

!! Important !!

i) Infinity always has ROUND brackets.
ii)Interval Notation can only be used with the reals.

ON A NUMBER LINE we use an open circle to the points that ARE NOT INCLUDED and a shaded circle to the points that ARE INCLUDED.

okay... well... this is it for today... I still have to do my homework.

I hope this helped you guys!



Blogger Richy said...

Wow Kat. That's... That's... Just like old times. It's just like one of my former classmates to raise the bar like that. So early too. And Look Bloggers' R' Us, and Those notes from the good old math dictionary. Sigh... I'm gonna miss that class. By The Way... I'm back.

10:37 PM

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